Colloquially known as The Other Isle, Grinn-Aít is said to be inhabited by thirteen tribes of men.

Our heroes have seen but a few of them.

Coldgate is the mountainous barrier between Northreach and the other Southron Kingdoms.

Cordale is a vast kingdom of rolling plains and hills and few hills and mountains. The Stewards rule from Rhosrein, awaiting the return of their kings.

Dourwal is composed of a wall of mountains that runs north to south and is the eastern border of the Southron Kingdoms. The White Priests’s keep lies in the mountains.

Ironwynne is a forested, hilly realm with dueling kings. Ruhn Mawr, the uncrowned, ran Owain from the throne and buried him alive. Owain, through

Witchfield is little more than dark, twisted forests and expansive mires. Ruled by Cerys, over the last decade the commoners have gone from adoring her to calling her the Madqueen when no one is within earshot.


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